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For your viewing pleasure I present a collection of railroad photographs I've taken over the past 30 years. I have pictures of locomotives - both steam and diesel - passenger car as well as passenger trains, freight cars, circus cars, and maintenance of way equipment. The photos were taken in the continental US as well as Alaska and Canada.

These photographs have been grouped in photo albums. I've tried my best to provide a brief, accurate description of the photograph as well as the date the picture was taken. Please send an email to me at with corrections of any errors that you find.

There are picture albums of Amtrak, VIA Rail, Providence and Worcester, Santa Fe, Conrail, Alaska Railroad, Boston & Maine. There are photos of MBTA and MetroLink commuter rail. There's an album of train stations with a large collection of photos of Union Station in Worcester, Mass before and after renovations. There are albums of tourist railroads; Edaville  Railroad, the Orange Empire Railway Museum and Steamtown at Bellows Falls, Vermont and Steamtown NHS in Scranton, Pennsylvania and the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania in Strasburg, PA. Along with all this are photos of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus train cars taken in 1983 and 2008 A few non-photo images such as postcards as well as a few photographs I did not take are mixed in.
This is an ongoing project. New images and albums will be added as time permits so stop by every once in a while to see what's new.

The last album update was February 5, 2011.

Photos of Amtrak equipment


69 pictures
March 20, 2004

Photos of Ringling Bros circus train equipment


26 pictures
February 2011

Photos at Edaville RR


18 photos
February 20, 2004

Photos of ATSF equipment

Santa Fe

15 pictures
May 2, 2004

VIA Rail photos

VIA Rail

18 photos
Created July 7, 2005

Photos of Conrail equipment


11 photos
March 15, 2004

Photos of commuter rail equipment

Commuter Rail

12 photos
May 21, 2006

Photos of P&W equipment

Providence and Worcester

45 photos
November 8, 2008

Photos of privately owned cars

Private Varnish

12 photos
May 2, 2004

Photos of Railroad stations


40 stations
September 16, 2005

Photos taken from the sides of tracks


18 photos
May 2, 2004

Random equipment photos

Everything Else

15 photos
May 2, 2004

Photos taken at the Orange Empire Railway Museum

Orange Empire Railway Museum

28 photos
Created May 23,2004

Photos of the Alaska Railroad

Alaska Railroad

28 photos
Created September 5, 2004

Photos of MOW equipment


26 photos
May 21, 2006

Photos of rolling stock

Freight cars

23 photos
April 3, 2004

New England photos

New England

24 photos
Created September 19, 2004

Photos of Steamtown at Bellows Falls - 1978

Steamtown at Bellows Falls, 1978

28 photos
Created February 10, 2006

Photos of Steamtown in Scranton - 2006

Steamtown at Scranton, PA, 2006

32 photos
Created September 30, 2006

Photos at the RR Museum of Pennsylvania

Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania 2006

24 photos
Created October 6, 2006


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