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Orange Empire Railway Museum

The Orange Empire Railway Museum is located in Perris, California between Riverside and Temecula. The OERM offers a very diverse collection of trolly cars, interurban cars, steam locomotives both standard and narrow gauge, diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, maintenance equipment as well as passenger and freight cars. Many of these are in operation, some are in the process of restoration and others are static waiting their turn to be restored.
The Museum Mission Statement from the Orange Empire Railway Museum web site: "OERM operates a museum railway where visitors can ride on the classic streetcars, passenger trains and other equipment of Southern California's railroad past."

The museum is open to the public on weekends and operates streetcars on the half-mile dual-gauge Loop Line and a train on the 1.5 mile standard gauge Mainline.

At this time, some eleven years after I took these photographs, more than one of the locomotives and railcars I photographed have been restored and placed into operation. Shortly before I took these photographs two locomotives and two passenger cars from the late Ward Kimball's Grizzly Flats Railroad were moved to the museum.

For your viewing pleasure I offer a collection of photographs taken at the Orange Empire Railway Museum in 1993.

Brill Interurban
A Brill built Interurban car.
Rio Grande baggage car
Rio Grande baggage car 745 built in 1929. In 1993 it held a collection of memorabilia
USAF 7441?
US Air Force locomotive 7441 ?
USAF 7441?
USAF 7441 ?
PE Red Car 418
Pacific Electric Interurban "Red Car" number 418 built by Pullman in 1913
PE Red Car 331
Pacific Electric "Red Car" streetcar 331 built by Brill in 1918 is at the station
unidentified work car
It's operational, but what type of work equipment is it?
LA Yellow Car
LA Railway "Yellow Car"
unidentified steam loco
An unidentified steam locomotive
PE electric locomotive 1624
Pacific Electric locomotive 1624 built in 1925 by the Pacific Electric Railway
SN 653 electric locomotive
Sacramento Northern 653 built by GE in 1928
SN 653 electric locomotive
Sacramento Northern 653 built by GE in 1928
So Cal Edison switcher
Southern California Edison number 12 a 1941 Plymouth ML-6 switcher
Irish double decker tramway
Hill of Howth Tramway number 2 double deck Irish train built in 1901
USAF 8580 ALCo switcher
US Air Force 8580 built in 1944 by GE in 1944
USAF & SP switchers
US Air Force 8580 latched up with Southern Pacific 1474 an ALCO built S4 switcher
YVT 297 electric locomotive
Yakima Valley Transportation, YVT Co, 297 electric locomotive built in 1923 by Baldwin Westinghouse
USAF motorcar
USAF motorcar x452
DOT 12 an RSD-1
Department of Transportation number 12 built by ALCO in 1941 an RSD-1
H and N electric locomotive
Hutchinson & Northern number 1 built in 1921 by General Electric
PFE refrigerator car
Pacific Fruit Express 43535 refrigerator car built in 1937
PE wooden caboose
A Pacific Electric wooden caboose in need of a little TLC
ATSF wooden caboose
Wooden ATSF caboose 1421 built in 1923 by the American Car and Foundry
Santa Fe caboose
Santa Fe caboose 999076 built in 1931 by ACF
VC Rwy steam locomotive
VC Railway locomotive number 2 is a Prarie type steam locomotive built by Baldwin in 1922
VC Rwy steam locomotive
VC Railway locomotive number 2 pulling an excursion train in 1993
VC Rwy steam locomotive
The Baldwin Works builder's plate on VG Ry locomotive number 2
VC Rwy steam locomotive
The piston of the Ventura County Railway 2-6-2 Prarie type locomotive

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