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VIA Rail passenger cars

Photographs of Canada VIA Rail equipment taken when I rode The Canadian from Toronto to Vacouver in 2002.

VIA Rail Silver and Blue Service flags at a station

VIA Rail Canada flags at a station

Emergency exit instructions in a VIA Rail Manor car

The CN Tower seen from a platform at Toronto Station

In a dome before sunrise

In the dome of a Vista Dome car at night

The view from the back of a dome car

VIA dome car Skyline 8507

The numberboard of VIA locomotive 6443

VIA Rail locomotive 6443, an F40PH-2

VIA 6443, a GPA-30c class locomotive

A truck of VIA locomotive 6443, an F40PH-2

A VIA Rail Dining car

Kootenay Park observation dome car

Looking forward from the Dome Observation 8708 Kootenay Park

VIA 8708 Dome Observation Kootenay Park

Inside the Kootenay Park observation dome car
the interior of a dome observation car
The interior of the dome observation car Kootenay Park
The larger image is a panorama

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