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In June of 2004 I spent 10 days in Alaska. Part of that time was spent riding and chasing the Alaska Railroad Denali Star, Coastal Classic and Glacier Discovery trains. These are pictures of the Alaska Railroad equipment I photographed on the rails between Seward, Whittier, Anchorage and Fairbanks.

ARR 31 F40PH
ARR 31, an F40PH. It's engine has been removed and is now Cab Control car
ARR freight car 10810
Double door freight car 10810 in Anchorage
ARR 1069 caboose
Alaska Railroad caboose 1069
ARR 452 cafe car
Bistro Cafe Car 452 on the Denali Star at the station in Anchorage
ARR dome 501
Alaska Railroad dome car 501 in Anchorage
ARR dome 502
Vista Dome 502 is used by Kenai Fjords Tours
ARR dome 521
Vista Dome 521 at the station in Anchorage
ARR dome 522
ARR Vista Dome 522
ARR 2002
ARR 2002, a GP38-2, seen in Anchorage
ARR 2006
ARR 2006, a GP38-2, seen somewhere south of Anchorage
ARR 3010
ARR 3010, a GP40-2, passing through Portage, Alaska
ARR 3011
ARR 3011, a GP40-2, at the station in Seward, Alaska
ARR 3011
ARR 3011 a GP40-2 near Moose Pass
ARR 3013
Alaska Railroad 3013, a GP40-2, in Anchorage
ARR 4015
ARR 4015, an SD70MAC, at the head of the Denali Star
ARR 4015, an SD70MAC, is the Spirit of North Pole
ARR 4323
ARR 4323, an SD70MAC, leading the Denali Star to Fairbanks
ARR hyrail
Hy-Rail equipped Suburban 1084 in Anchorage
ARR hyrail
Hy-Rail equipment on the front of a Suburban
ARR hyrail
Alaska Railroad Hy-Rail Suburban in Anchorage
ARR locos in Anchorage
Alaska Railroad locomotives 4323 and 3015 in Anchorage
FRA Inspection car T16
FRA T-16 inspection car, seen not far from Grandview
FRA inspection car T16
FRA T16 Track Geometry Inspection Vehicle
RDC 711 near Portage
ARR 1000
ARR 1000 an ALCO RS-1 at the Alaska Museum of Transportation & Industry
ARR 1718
ARR 1718 an MRS-1 on display at the Alaska Museum of Transportation & Industry
ARR 773 speeder
773 track car at the Nenana station
ARR Mears Bridge
Northbound Denali Star crossing the Mears Memorial bridge

For LOTS more information about the Alaska Railroad visit John's Alaska Railroad page.

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