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Athanaeum Hall

Athanaeum Hall in the Saxonville section of Framingham, MA

Athanaeum Hall was built in 1847. It was first called the Saxonville Town Hall. It has also served as a school, meeting hall, jail, hospital, polling place, newspaper press room for The Saxonville Mirror, and as a hall for wedding receptions, religious services, veterans' meetings, plays, lectures, sporting events, and dances. Recent renovations made by The Friends of Saxonville will preserve the building for future generations.

Athanaeum Hall in Saxonville, Mass

An old postcard showing Athenaeum Hall and the Saxonville Fire Station

An old postcard shows Athenaeum Hall, then known as Town Hall, and the Saxonville Fire station. The restoration effort in the 1990's resulted in the original colors applied to the exterior of the hall.

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