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Saxonville Mills

Saxonville Mills in Framingham Massachusetts

The Saxonville Mills were first constructed in 1824. It was incorporated as the Saxon Factory Company, Saxon being taken from the breed of sheep that would supply the raw materials to the mill. In a 1827 town meeting the neighborhood was referenced as "the Saxon Factory Village" which would become Saxonville.

Building #7 is the oldest in the complex, and the only mill building to survive the great fire of 1883, probably because of its brick construction. In December 1884, a little more than a year after the great fire,the rebuilt mill was in full operation.

There's lots to see here at the Mills. Feel free to wander about by clicking on a picture to enlarge it. Unfortunately I don't know any details of the buildings and can't provide any descriptions other than to say that much of the space here at the Mills is occupied by a variety of businesses.

A clock tower at the Saxonville Mills in Massachusetts The smokestack chimney  at  the Saxonville Mills in Framingham MA Saxonville Mills A weather vane on the toop of a roof at Saxonville Mills in Mass A brick buildind in Framinham, MA Saxonville Mills A brick building at Saxonville Mills with many windows The Saxonville Mills in Framingham, Mass Brick buildings make up the Saxonville Mills in Framingham An old copper weathervane on the top of a tower at the Saxonville Mills Saxonville Mills is home to some very unique architecture A smokestake at the Saxonville Mills steaches into the Framingham blue sky Factory buildings at the Saxonville Mills in Saxonville, Massachusetts An old door on one of the Saxonville Mills structures The Saxonville Mills in Framingham, MA Buildings and a brick tower at the Saxonville Massachusetts  Mills A brick tower at the Saxonville Mills in Framingham A pipe runs between 2 buildings in the Saxonville Mills. The bell tower is in the cackground. The carpet outlet at the Saxonville Mills is still in operation Power canisters outside of ne of the buildings at the Framingah, MA Saxonville Mills One of the brick towers at the Saxonville Mills in Framingham, Massachusetts A brick shed stands alone at the Saxonville Mills

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