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A walking tour of historic Saxonville

Saxonville is a section of Framingham, Massachusetts. Saxonville is comprised from the area from the Concord Street Bridge to Central Street and surrounded on three sides by the Sudbury River It was given the name of Otter Neck when it was first settled. Framingham's first settler, John Stone, built his home at Otter Neck in 1647. Native Americans of the Nipmuc tribe had a village and fort here before the arrival of European settlers. For almost two hundred years this part of Framingham was known as Stone's End due to the dominance of the Stone family. It became Saxonville when the textile industry was established here, one of the early companies being named the Saxon Factory Company

At the start of the twenty-first century many of the historic landmarks in Saxonville are still in place. Some are still being used as they were when first constructed in the 19th century. Others have taken on a new fuctionality.

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7-9 Central Street 7
7-9 Central Street
Liberty Apartments 6
Liberty Apartments
11-13 Central Street
Saxonville Falls and Dam 5
The Saxonville Falls
and Dam
Saxonville Mills Main Tower 4
Saxonville Mills
Main Tower
Saxonville Mills 3
Saxonville Mills
Athanaeum Hall 2
Athenaeum Hall
Saxonville Fire Station 1
Saxonville Fire Station
A map of historic Saxonville we will follow on our tour
12 Edwards Church and Cemetery
Edwards Cemetery
11 Edwards Church and Cemetery
Edwards Church
B Carriage House
An old carriage house
10 Stapleton School
Stapleton School
9 Old Methodist Church
Old Methodist Church
A 50 Elm St
50 Elm Street
8 1-5 Central Street
1-5 Central Street
Mill Store Block

Old Danforth St bridge and nature trail T The Old Danforth Street Bridge and the Carol J. Getchell Nature Trail

Saxonville from above A view of Saxonville from the sky


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