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Collections of postcards, old and new. Postcards of trains, assorted locations in urban and suburban areas, special events and celebrations, vacation, and holidays. These postcards would be sent by tourists, family and friends. Some of the postcards have real pictures, others have colorized pictures. Some of the postcards have a serious theme while others are more lighthearted and humorous.


Amtrak postcards at

Amtrak trains

Postcards of railroad electric locomotives

Electric locomotives

Railroad postcards at

Railroad postcards

Postcards of ALCO diesel locomotives at

ALCO Diesel locomotives

Postcards of GM EMD locomotives at

GM EMD Diesel locomotives

1939 World's Fair Postcards at

1939 New York's World Fair

Postcards of Cities at

Cities in the United States

Postcards of Vacation Destinations

Vacation destinations

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