A collection of photographs of train stations in the United States and Canada. I've visited and photographed most of these stations. Friends have donated photos of stations I haven't been to. Yet. These stations host or have hosted trains from a variety of railroads both passenger (Amtrak, VIA Rail, ATSF, UP, PRR) as well as commuter (METRA, GO, MetroLink, MBTA) service.

I've added some station addresses that can be used in Google Earth's Fly To tab to provide a bird's eye view of the station.

Train stations in the United States

Boston Chicago Washington Toledo Poughkeepsie Chipley
Fullerton Los Angeles Sacramento San Diego San Jose San Luis Obispo
Denver Seattle Eugene Portland El Paso Houston
Grand Central, NYC Worcester, Mass Unidentified Anchorage Skagway Seward
Fairbanks Nenana Wasilla Palmer, Alaska Philadelphia Lancaster
Palmer, Mass Scranton, PA Boise, ID Woonsocket, RI Martinsburg, WV Montpelier, VA
Warren, Mass

Train Stations in Canada

Bennett Capreol Edmonton Jasper
Sioux Lookout Toronto Vancouver Winnipeg
Nanaimo Courtenay

Click on the name of a city or scroll down the page to browse at all the stations. Click on any photo to enlarge it.

Boston, Mass South Station

the entrance to Boston South Station (45Kb) Boston's South Station seen from the street (53Kb) the clock on the front facade of Boston South Station (29Kb)

Boston South Station was the largest train station in the world when it opened in 1899. By 1910 it was the busiest train station in the United States and continued to be the busiest for several decades. The five story structure has offices in the front of the building which were initially used by the railroads. After almost being demolished, South Station was saved and restored. Restoration of the station was completed in 1989.
Boston has two train stations, North Station and South Station. North Station served all northbound trains and South Station provided service for southbound trains. That makes perfect sense. BUT there is no public transportation, aside from a taxicab, that travels directly between them. South Station is on the south side of downtown Boston, North Station is on the northern edge of downtown Boston about a mile away.

GoogleEarth Fly To: Summer St & Atlantic Ave, 02210

Chicago, Illinois Union Station

Chicago Union Station seen from the street (74Kb)the great hall in Chicago Union Station (57Kb)backing into Chicago's Union Station (67Kb) backing into Chicago's Union Station (77Kb)

Construction of Chicago Union Station began in 1914. It dragged on for eleven years and was hampered by shortages during World War I and labor strikes just after the war finally opening in 1925. The station underwent a major renovation during the early 1990s. Amtrak trains and Chicago's Metra commuter trains use this station. The first two photos of the station were taken in 2000. The last two photos were taken in from an Amtrak train as it was backing into the station in 1986.

GoogleEarth Fly To: 225 South Canal St, 60606

Washington, DC Union Station

the front entrance to Washington Union Station (36Kb) inside Washington Union Station (53Kb)

Opened on October 27, 1907 and completed in 1908, Union Station is considered to be one of the finest examples of the Beaux-Arts style of architecture. Architect, Daniel Burnham designed the building to be monumental in every respect and to serve as a gateway for the capital city. When the station opened it was the largest train station in the world. The station was closed and boarded up in 1981 after years of neglect. Renovation of the station was begun in 1985 and in September 1998 it was reopened. The renovation included the addition of a dining / entertainment / shopping complex. These photographs were taken in 2002.

GoogleEarth Fly To: 50 Massachusetts Ave NE, 20002

Toledo, Ohio

walkway between the Toledo station and the Central Union Plaza (35Kb)

The Toledo station seen from the platform when the Lake Shore Limited stopped for a 2 minute cigarette stop.

Poughkeepsie, New York

exterior of the Poughkeepsie train station (48Kb)

The station built by the New York Central Railroad in 1918 is still in use today by Amtrak as well as the Metro-North Railroad.

Chipley, Florida

Chipley station seen fron a Superliner bedroom (69Kb)

Chipley, Florida train station seen from Amtrak's Sunset limited train in 2000.

Fullerton, California

The Fullerton station in 1992 (44Kb)

The stucco Santa Fe depot at Fullerton, California was built in 1930. It underwent renovations in the 1990s. It is currently served by Amtrak and Metrolink trains. This photo was taken in 1993, early in the restoration process. There are many webcams at the Fullerton station. Visit the RailCams.com web page to see what's happening at the station.

GoogleEarth Fly To: 190 East Santa Fe Ave, 92832

Los Angeles, California Union Station

Los Angeles Union Station, LAX (53Kb) waiting hall at LAX (73Kb) side entrance to LAX (45Kb) inside LAX boarding area (63Kb) the front entrance to LAX (56Kb) the interior of the old Harvey House restaurant at LAX (64Kb) exterior plaza at LAX (59Kb) a column in the LAX parking lot (34Kb) a colorful LAX in the evening (62Kb) the clock tower at LAX 34Kb)

Los Angeles Union Station, (Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal, to be precise), was built in 1939 and is considered to be "The last of America's great rail stations." These pictures show the beautiful station seen from North Alameda Street, the main lobby / waiting room, the side entrance from the plaza, the status board and ticket windows area, the front entrance, the old Harvey House restaurant, a fountain in the plaza, a lamp post, LAX in the evening, the clock tower. These photos were taken in 1993 and 2000.

GoogleEarth Fly To: 800 N. Alameda St, 90012

Sacramento, California

exterior of the Sacramento train station (34Kb)interior of the Sacramento train station (52Kb)

The station, a Renaissance Revival style building, was built by the Southern Pacific Railroad in 1926.

GoogleEarth Fly To: 351 I St, 95814

San Diego, California Santa Fe Depot

the San Diego train station (53Kb) Santa Fe logo made of ceramic tiles (41Kb) the front entrance to the san Diego station (43Kb) Santa Fe logo made of ceramic tiles (55Kb) the interior of the San Diego Station 41Kb) entrance to the waiting room and ticket office of the San Diego station (43Kb) the ceiling and lights inside the San Diego train station (34Kb) exterior of the San Diego train station (33Kb)

The San Diego Depot was built by the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway in 1915. The interior walls are adorned with beautiful glazed tiles. There are 16 bronze and glass chandeliers hanging inside the station. Its twin towers have glazed tiles with Santa Fe's emblem at the top. These photos were taken in 1993. The restoration work that had been completed when these pictures were taken made the station elegant and bright.

GoogleEarth Fly To: 1050 Kettner Blvd, 92101

San Jose, California

exterior of the San Jose train station (48Kb)

Caltrain and Amtrak use this station. The station was built in 1935 by the Southern Pacific. It replaced the Market Street Depot which was built in 1872.

GoogleEarth Fly To: 65 Cahill St, 95110

San Luis Obispo, California

exterior of the San Luis Obispo train station (42Kb)

GoogleEarth Fly To: 1011 Railroad Ave, 93401

Denver, Colorado Union Station at night

the outside of Denver Union Station at night (39Kb) inside the Denver Union Station (43Kb)

The station was orginally built in 1881. It was expanded in 1892. In 1914 the center section of the depot was demolished and the currently standing structure was created. A multitude of alterations have been made since 1914.

GoogleEarth Fly To: 1701 Wynkoop St, 80202

Seattle, Washington

front entrance to the Seattle Union Station (45Kb) exterior of the Seattle Union Station (58Kb) interior of the Seattle Union Station (45Kb) Union Station
the tower of the King Street station in Seattle (17Kb) King St. Station

Seattle's King Street Station was built in 1906 after Great Norther 's James Hill acquired control of the Northern Pacific. The architects he slected, Charles A. Reed and Allen H. Stem, went on to create Grand Central Terminal in New York City.

Union Station was built in 1911 and restored in 1999. The station was used by the Milwaukee Road until 1961. The Union Pacific Railroad continuesd to use it until the early 1970's.

GoogleEarth Fly To: 303 South Jackson St, 98104

Eugene, Oregon

the exterior of the Eugene train station seen from the tracks (35Kb)

The Southern Pacific Station was built in 1908.

GoogleEarth Fly To: 433 Willamette St, 97401

Portland, Oregon Union Station

tower at the Portland train station (43Kb) interior of the Portland train station (66Kb) tower at the Portland train station (40Kb)

Portland Union Station was dedicated on February 14, 1896. Between 1927 and 1930 the interior of the station underwent major remodeling. In 1987 the station was purchased by the Portland Development Commisson and underwent renovations in 1996. The 150 foot tall tower with the "GO BY TRAIN" sign is a Portland icon. The tower has a four-sided Seth Thomas clock.

GoogleEarth Fly To: 800 NW Sixth Ave, 97209

El Paso, Texas Union Station

the beautifully restored El Paso train station (42Kb) inside the El Paso train station (56Kb) exterior of the El Paso train station (66Kb) inside the El Paso train station (77Kb) the top of the tower in El Paso (35Kb)

In 1982 the station was restored to look as it did when it was first opened in 1905. Its most outstanding feature is a bell tower with a spire standing six stories high located on the building's northeast corner. It really is wonderful station.

GoogleEarth Fly To: 700 San Francisco St, 79901

Houston, Texas

the elaborate train station in Houston (39Kb)

In 2000 I was disappointed to find the station was not much more than an Amshack.

GoogleEarth Fly To: 902 Washington Ave, 77002. This is near the station.

Grand Central Terminal in New York City

Grand Central Terminal, NYC (82Kb) Grand Central Terminal, NYC (59Kb) Grand Central Terminal, NYC (61Kb) Grand Central Terminal, NYC (52Kb) Grand Central Terminal, NYC (54Kb) Grand Central Terminal, NYC (48Kb)

Grand Central Terminal opened in 1913 and was a terminus for New York Central Railroad trains. It's located in Central Manhattan at 42nd to 44th Streets between Vanderbilt and Lexington Avenues. Currently it serves only MetroNorth commuter trains. In 1994 Grand Central underwent a massive restoration.

GoogleEarth Fly To: 87 E42nd St, 10017

Worcester Massachusetts Union Station

Worcester Massachusetts Union Station

I have a page of before and after renovations of the Worcester Union Station. Click on the picture to visit the page that has 44 photographs of the station.

GoogleEarth Fly To: 38 Washington Sq, 01604

A Grass Station on the route of Amtrak's Empire Builder.

a train staion with no walls, roof or seats (56Kb)

Anchorage, Alaska

ARR Anchorage station (46Kb) ARR Anchorage station (35Kb) ARR Anchorage shops (54Kb)

The Alaska Railroad station in Anchorage is the home of the Alaska Railroad. The railroad offers three different scenic rail tours along with its freight operation. The last photo here is not of the Anchorage station. It is a photo of the Alaska RR car shop in Anchorage, not far from the station. This photo was taken about midnight a few days before the summer solstice in 2004.

GoogleEarth Fly To: 491 West First Ave, 99501

Skagway, Alaska

White Pass and Yukon station in Skagway (42Kb) White Pass and Yukon station in Skagway (57Kb) The railroad building in Skagway (50Kb)

Skagway, Alaska is the home of the White Pass and Yukon Railroad. It was an important passenger and freight railroad during the Gold Rush of 1898. In 2003 the White Pass carried almost 5,400 passengers. That's quite impressive for a tourist railroad operating just 5 months a year, May through September. The third photo is not the station. It is the railroad building next door to the station.

Seward, Alaska

Seward Alaska station (62Kb) The original Seward Alaska station (50Kb) The original Seward Alaska station (50Kb)

The 1964 earthquake, second largest earthquake in recorded history, caused significant damage to the port town of Seward. Much of the railroad yard dropped into the bay. Shortly after the ground stopped shaking, 35-40 foot high waves flooded what was left of Seward. The station that's now in use, the first picture, is a small, clean, somewhat sparse station that was erected when the city was reconstructed. There are no tracks near the building in the next two photos and I'm guessing that the building was at one time served by the Alaska Railroad.

Fairbanks, Alaska

ARR Fairbanks Alaska station (44Kb) ARR Fairbanks Alaska station (52Kb) ARR Fairbanks Alaska station (24Kb)

The Fairbanks, Alaska railroad station is, as the sign at the end of the tracks announces, the "north end of the mainline of the Alaska Railroad."

Nenana, Alaska

ARR Nenana station (63Kb)

The Nenana station is on the banks of the Tanana River. It was built in 1922 and in 1987 the station was transferred to the City of Nenana and it became the Alaska State Railroad Museum. The station is no longer used by the railroad.

Wasilla, Alaska

Wasilla train station (46Kb)

The Wasilla train station is about 40 miles north of Anchorage. It was built in 1917 and renovated in 1976.

Palmer, Alaska

Alaska Railroad Palmer Station (61Kb)

The train depot is no longer being used since newer tracks bypass Palmer.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 30th Street Station

Philadelphia 30th Street Station (63Kb) Philadelphia 30th Street Station (60Kb)

The Pennsylvania Railroad built the station at 30th and Market Streets in Philadelphia which opened in 1934. It replaced the Broad Street Station which had become too small to handle Philadelphia's growing passenger-rail traffic. The station was designed by the Chicago firm of Graham Anderson Probst & White. It is 637 feet long on the side facing the Schuylkill River. Currently, trains from SEPTA, Amtrak, and NJ Transit serve this station.

GoogleEarth Fly To: 2955 Market St, 19104

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

PRR Lancaster station (94Kb) PRR Lancaster station (85Kb)

The train station in Lancaster, Pennsylvania was built by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1928. It is currently served by the Amtrak Keystone and Three Rivers trains.

Photos taken by Charlie Hammond

Palmer, Mass Union Station

Palmer Mass Station (35Kb)

The train depot in Palmer, Massachusetts, built in 1884, is a trapizoidal design to fit where the railroad tracks form a diamond. Here the north/south New England Central tracks intersect with east/west CSX tracks. The tracks were originally used by the Central Vermont and the Boston and Albany (NYC).The granite station, on the old Boston and Albany Railroad line, is no longer served by any railroad.

GoogleEarth -- Latitude 42 9'21.20"N Longitude 7219'45.49"W

Scranton, Pennsylvania

Scranton PA Station (68Kb) interior of the Scranton PA train station (66Kb)

The Lackawanna (Delaware, Lackawanna and Western) station was built in 1908. It is a French Renaissance style deport clad with Indiana limestone. In 1983 the abandoned station was converted into a hotel.

Boise, Idaho UP Depot

Boise, ID UP Depot (46Kb)

Construction started in August 1924 on the station designed by New York architects Carrere, Hastings, Shreve and Lando. On April 16, 1925 the first transcontinental train entered the station. In January 1996 the city of Boise City took possession of the Depot.

Photo taken by MBovey

GoogleEarth Fly To: 2603 Eastover Terrace.83706 then pan just a little to the NorthEast

Woonsocket, RI Depot

Woonsocket, RI Depot (46Kb)

The Woonsocket RI Depot is a Victorian-style train station built in 1882 by the Providence and Worcester (P&W) Railroad Company. The depot was renovated in 2003.

GoogleEarth Fly To: 1 Depot Sq,02895

Martinsburg, WV Station

Martinsburg, WV Depot (91Kb)

The Martinsburg, West Virginia station is the terminus of the Brunswick Line MARC commuter rail trains and is servered by Amtrak's Capitol Limited train.
Across the rails from the station is the B&O roundhouses. Visit the Martinsburg Roundhouse Center website to learn more about them.

Montpelier, VA Station

Montpelier, VA Station (91Kb) Montpelier, VA Station (93Kb)

The Montpelier station in Orange, Virginia is at the home of James Madison, the fourth president of the United States. The station was built in about 1904 for the convenience of the DuPont family who were the owners and residents at Montpelier at that time. It is no longer operational.

Warren, Mass Station

Warren Mass Station (71 Kb) Warren Mass Station (68 Kb)

The train depot in Warren, Massachusetts is no longer served by any railroad.

GoogleEarth -- 1 Milton O. Fountain Way, 01083 -- just to the right

Canadian train stations

Bennett, British Columbia

WP&Y station in Bennett, BC (74Kb) WP&Y station in Bennett, BC (120Kb) WP&Y station in Bennett, BC (94Kb)

Bennett, on the shores of Lake Bennett was an important stop on the White Pass and Yukon Railroad in the Gold Rush of 1898.

Capreol, Ontario

the exterior of the Capreol train station (43Kb)

Edmonton, Alberta

the front of the Edmonton train station (33Kb)

GoogleEarth Fly To: 12200 121 St Edmonton, AB

Jasper, Alberta

the inside of the Jasper train station (45Kb) the Jasper train station seen from the street (45Kb)  the exterior of the Jasper strain station (36Kb)

Jasper is nestled in the Canadian Rockies. The views from this VIA Rail station are breath taking. To see photos I took of the Canadian Rockies visit the page of photos I took riding on the train across Canada.

Sioux Lookout, Ontario

the exterior of the Sioux Lookout train station (53Kb)

Toronto, Ontario Union Station

the inside of the Toronto train station (43Kb) The Toronto train station and the tracks as seen from the observation deck of the CN tower (38Kb) interior of the Toronto train station. The walkway to the tracks (45Kb)

Photos of the interior of the Toronto station as well as the station and platforms as seen from the observation deck of the CN Tower. The station was opened in 1927. The station is served by VIA trains and GO commuter trains as well as Amtrak's Maple Leaf train. This is the station that was used to film the ending scene of the 1976 movie "The Silver Streak".

GoogleEarth Fly To: 65 Front St. West, Toronto A couple of blocks to the southwest is the old Canadian National Railroad John Street roundhouse.

Vancouver, British Columbia

interior of the Vancouver train station (42Kb) exterior of the Vancouver train station (138Kb)

The Vancouver Pacific Central station is served by VIA and Amtrak. The station also serves as a depot for a variety of bus lines.

GoogleEarth Fly To: 1150 Station St, Vancouver

Exterior Photo taken by Keith Hodges

Winnipeg, Manitoba

interior of the Winnipeg train station (36Kb) exterior of the Winnipeg train station (39Kb)

GoogleEarth Fly To: 167 Main St Winnipeg, MB

Nanaimo, British Columbia

Nanaimo train station (49Kb)

The Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway, E&N, station in Nanaimo is served by VIA's Victoria-Courtenay train, the Malahat.

Photo by Keith Hodges

Courtenay, British Columbia

Courtenay train station (54Kb)

The Courtnenay station is served by VIA Rail's Malahat train.

GoogleEarth Fly to: 899 Cumberland Rd, Courtenay, BC

Photo by Keith Hodges

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