LSWR 0-4-4T at Steamtown in 1978

  LSWR number 53  

This London & South Western Railway is a Drummond M7 class 0-4-4T steam locomotive. This is how it looked on display at Steamtown in Bellows Falls, Vermont in 1978. When it was in service on the LSWR it was No. 30053. For more information about the Drummond M7 class locomotives visit the Southern E-Group web site. In 2003 this locomotive was returned to the UK where it was put into service on the Swanage Railway.

Update December 2021 from Drummond Locomotives Ltd.
The M7 ( LSWR 53) was purchased from Steamtown in 1986 and shipped from Scranton by rail to Port Elizabeth, NJ the following year to be shipped back to the UK. It was restored and moved to the Swanage Railway in Dorset, England in 1992 and has been running there (with occasionally vacations) ever since.  It is now in the middle of another extensive overhaul.

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