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A gallery of photos taken at night. These photos were taken in Massachusetts, Manhattan, Washington DC, Las Vegas, Seattle and Wasilla, Alaska. All of the photos were taken at night. The photo taken in Alaska was taken after 10 PM but it was taken at Summer Solstice so the sun had not set.


Shots in Boston are of the cityscape, the beautiful tower at 111 Huntington Ave, the dome of the Christian Science Church, the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge and Logan International Airport.  Other shots in Massachusetts are of the restored Union Station and the Unitarian Church in Worcester; a colorful display at the wall of lights on the outside of the IMAX theater in Natick. In Manhattan is the top of the Empire State Building and the top of the Chrysler building. The US Capitol and the Washington Monument are lit for all to see. In Las Vegas is the water fountain show at the Bellagio Hotel and NY, NY aside the MonteCarlo Hotel.  The Seattle skyline taken from the Space Needle and a Pink Elephant were photographed in Seattle. Finally, the photo taken at Lake Lucille in Wasilla, Alaska was taken after 10 PM at summer solstice.