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New York City

The Amtrak train to Toronto, The Mapleleaf left Penn station early in the morning which required me to spend a night in Manhattan. To keep things simple for myself I booked a room in the Pennsylvania Hotel across the street from the train station. I arrived in New York late in the afternoon giving me enough time and daylight to take some pictures. I wandered to the Empire State Building thinking I could make a quick visit to the observation deck. Shortly after I got in line, an announcement was made stating it would be about a two hour wait to get to the observation deck. I think I made the right choice not to wait in line.

Here we see an unidentified tall building, Madison Square Garden (next door to Penn Station) with some mirror-like glass; the tall white tower at the corner of Madison Ave and 23rd Street; and One Penn Plaza
New York City Madison Square Garden New York City One Penn Plaza

Here is the exterior of the Empire State Building and inside the lobby; and inside of Penn Station
Empire State Building Empire State Building Empire State Building Empire State Building Penn Station

©2002,2006 John Simakauskas
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