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New Orleans

Before I started my trip I didn't think there would be anything to see or do in New Orleans in the daytime. I was wrong! I should have stayed more than just one day. Oh well, I'll make my next visit longer.

The day I was there I took the Aquarium Zoo Cruise, a boat ride up the river to the zoo and then back to the aquarium on the city's waterfront. The last photo is of the shower curtain in my hotel room. Why did I take a photo of a shower curtain, you ask? Well it was a very pleasant change to find something fun and colorful in a hotel room. It's also an expression of the fun and festive atmosphere I found in New Orleans.

I present for your viewing pleasure:
* The New Orleans Aquarium, * A frog at the aquarium, * A happy couple at the aquarium, * An albino alligator with a sinister smile
* the John James Audubon riverboat and a shower curtain with C O L O R
New Orleans aquarium ribit a happy couple Happy 'gator
riverboat Not your standard dull hotel shower curtain

©2002,2006 John Simakauskas
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