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On the train from Sacramento to Chicago

The journey between Sacramento and Chicago onboard Amtrak's California Zephyr took me through the Rockies in the USA. While this pass through the Rockies was not as breathtaking as the Canadian Rockies, it was spectacular. Being a train nut the most exciting part on this train for me was going through the 6 mile long Moffat Tunnel in Colorado.
If you are interested in taking a trip on a long distance Amtrak train, the California Zephyr is one you should consider. These photographs were taken from the upper level of a Sightseer Lounge car (note the curved roof panels).
An Amtrak Sightseer Lounge car US Rockies sunrise just east of Salt Lake City
US Rockies US Rockies US Rockies

©2002,2006 John Simakauskas
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