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Life onboard a long distance Amtrak train

Working on the Railroad

Amtrak trains are made up of the people who work on them.

Working on the railroad

Working on the Railroad

Chef Bryant

Chef Bryant

Coffee To Go

There's no Dunkin Donuts drive-thru siding. Get your coffee now.

Not Working on the Railroad

Like any other operation, there are items that need to be serviced from time to time. Here we see a door in a lounge car that was marked broken on numerous occasions between June 27, 2000 and November 19, 2001. This photo was taken in June 2002 moments after it popped open. Again. We also have a photo of a Superliner lounge car on The City of New Orleans train that, due to some problem, was placed between the locomotives and the baggage car thus prohibiting any passengers from entering the broken car.

Fix this door

A door that's been broken for a long time.

An out of service Superliner

An out of service Superliner lounge car

Amtrak's Downeaster

Amtrak train service between Boston North Station and Portland, Maine was started in 2001. Amtrak's Downeaster train has exceeded all expectations in ridership. There is talk of extending the service beyond Portland in the future.

Amtrak Downeaster logo

Amtrak's Downeaster logo

Downeaster locomotive in Portland

A Downeaster train at the Portland, Maine station

Onboard a train

There are a variety of passenger cars used by Amtrak.
There are two different series of passenger cars used on most of Amtrak's trains. Superliner cars are two story cars, while Viewliner cars have only one floor. Superliner cars cannot be used on all of Amtrak's trains as they are too tall to pass under some bridges and through certain tunnels. Some types of cars, coach cars for example, are used on both short and long distance trains. Sleeping cars are reserved for use on long distance trains. Short haul trains provide food and drink to passengers in a cafe car. Long distance trains have a dining car along with a cafe/lounge car. The Coast Starlight train between Seattle and Los Angeles also has a "Pacific Parlour" car. This is a modified observation/lounge car reserved for passengers traveling in sleeping cars. The train also has a lounge car for use by all onboard passengers.
The bedrooms in the sleeping cars are small and functional. There are two beds available in the "standard bedroom". During the day the bedroom has two seats facing each other that fold out to become a bed at night. A second bed can be lowered from above.
One of the major differences between the Superliner and Viewliner standard bedroom is the Viewliner bedroom has a sink and toilet in the room.

Inside a Superliner coach

Inside an Amtrak Superliner coach

Inside a Superliner Lounge at night

Inside a domed top Amtrak Superliner lounge car


Inside a Superliner Lounge

Inside a domed top Amtrak Superliner lounge car


Pacific Parlour car

Amtrak Pacific Parlour car


Pacific Parlour car interior

Inside an Amtrak Pacific Parlour car


Inside a Superliner Dining Car

Inside an Amtrak Superliner dining car


Superliner Sleeping car

Amtrak Superliner sleeping car


Inside a Superliner Sleeping car roomette

Inside an Amtrak Superliner roomette


Superliner Sleeping car

Amtrak Superliner sleeping car


Inside a Viewliner bedroom

Inside an Amtrak Viewliner bedroom

Viewliner bedroom fold down sink

An Amtrak Viewliner bedroom fold down sink


Amtrak in the Northwest

Pacific coast trains have gotten much support from the states they operate in. The Cascades train operates between Eugene, Oregon and Vancouver, BC in Canada.

Amtrak Cascades locomotive

Northwest Cascades train at Portland Oregon

Train at the Portland Oregon station

Amtrak train at the Portland, Oregon station

Amtrak Stations

Amtrak stations come in all sizes. From grand old stations, some restored to their original splendor while others have aged not-so-gracefully, to Amshacks to covered platforms to marked plots of grass next to the tracks. Visit my train stations page to see more Amtrak stations.

Los Angeles Amtrak Station

Los Angeles, California


Chicago Amtrak station

Chicago, Illinois


El Paso Amtrak station

El Paso, Texas


Framingham, MA Amtrak platform

Framingham, Massachusetts

Amtrak grass station

A grass station on the Empire Builder

Boston South Station

Boston, Massachusetts
South Station


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