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Photos taken in Boston's Public Gardens, Home of the Swan Boats

The Pond

Boats need water. The Gardens have a pond that's just the right size for swan boats. Let's look at the pond before looking at the boats.

The pond at Boston Public Garden - home of the swan boats Trees line the shore of the pond in Boston Public Gardens trees along the shore of the Boston Public Garden pond A swan boat approaches a marker in the Boston Public Gardens pond

Paddle powered Swan Boats

The swan boats are a relaxing ride. Passengers are accompanied on their trip by the ducks who make the pond their summer home. The ride is calming because the boats are paddle powered. The energy used to propel the boats is supplied by a person, not a noisy gasoline motor.

A swan boat at Boston Public Garden on a bight sunny summe day The captain's control room on a Boston Swan Boat A Swan Boat full of visitors in Boston's Public Gardens

Just duckie

A couple of the pond's summertime residents.

A goose near the pond in Boston Public Gardens Happy as a duck in water at the Public Garens in Boston

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