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Around the Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston

Faneuil Hall and The Marketplace is a great place to watch people. Having a long lens on the camera made it easy to collect candid photos.

a father and son sitting on a bench in the shade at Quincy Market in Boston Vendors on the brick walkway at Quincy Market in Boston Massachusetts A firefighter working for the Boston Fire Department Fill the Boot campaine All kinds of souvineer shirts at a cart vender in Boston's Quincy Market
A mom and her daughter pose for a picture with Bugs Bunny at Boston Quincy Market a little girl sits in Daffy Duck's lap in Boston Quincy Market A silly boy and his mom pose for a photo with Bugs Bunny in Boston's Quincy Market a statue of John Adams in front of Faneuil Hall in Boston Massachusetts
a characture artist at work in Boston's Quincy marketplace looking of the shoulder of an artist drawing a characture in Boston Quincy marketplace An excited young girl screams That's me! when she sees the work a marketplace artist has created

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