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There are lots of simple yet interesting sights in Boston. Some of these are permanent landmarks. Some are short term special items. Still others are a one time event that you'll only encounter by being at the right place at the right time.

A colorful octopus wind spinner near the Children's Museum in Boston Massachusetts
A very colorful spinning octopus near the Children's Museum
An inflated Arthur sits on top of the Boston Children's Museum
An inflated Arthur sits atop the Children's Museum
The wooden Hood milk bottle icr cream stand in Boston - you can feel good about Hood The Hood milk bottle ice cream stand and it's label. the label on the Hood milk bottle snack stand
A bee hard at work on a bright flower on a sunny day in Boston
A busy bee at work.
Boston Fire Engine 33 in the Boylston Street station
Engine 33 on Boylston Street.
the cast iron cap on a fence pole at Bonston Public Gardens
The top of a fence pole at the Public Gardens.
an old lamp on the side of a building in downton Boston MA
A lamp on the side of a building.
posts in the water where the Charles River meets Boston Harbor
Posts at the mouth of the Charles River.

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