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Photos taken while walking the banks of the Charles River

Let's take a stroll on the banks of the River Charles.

Cambridge is on the other side of the river. The first photo shows residences overlooking the river. The second photo shows the dome of an MIT building. In the background is a snippet of the Necco Candy company silo. These are the folks who make all kinds of good candy including Necco Wafers, Conversation hearts and more. The stone bridge provides a means of egress between Boston and Cambridge.
Cambridge waterfron skyline along the Charles River MIT & Necco wafers in Cambridge Massachusetts Longfellow bridge crosses the Charles River to link Boston and Cambridge

Boston's Fourth of July party site is the Hatch Shell. The Boston Pop Orchestra has provided a concert for all before the fireworks are sent skyward. The longtime conductor of the Pops was Arthur Fiedler. Here we see a statue of him watching over the activities at the Shell.
The Hatch Shell where the Boston Pops play on the 4th of July Arthur Fiedler's head is carved in ston and on display near the Hatch Shell in Boston

What would a river be without boats? Sailboats line up in wait to be taken out onto the river to teach people the basics of sailing. The boathouse has unique stone tiles adorning it. The Charles River is home to the annual "Head of the Charles" crew races. The ducks that accompany this lone shell shy away on race day.
sailboats in the water of the Charles River in Boston A stone tile of a sailboat in a boat house of Boston's Charles River Boston Boylston Street Skyline seen from the banks of the Charles River Ducks and a shell sharing the water of the Charles River

There are many trees lining the banks of the river proving shade and beauty for all visitors.
the green leaves of a willow tree A willow tree and its reflection in Boston's Charles River Trees along the banks of the Charles River in Boston MA

Tall buildings in Boston's Back Bay can be seen from the river front, from the mirror-like glass on the Hancock tower to the grid composing he exterior of the Prudential tower. An an interesting cable reel on one of the cranes involved in the Big Dig.
The New and old Hancock tower in Boston Massachusetts The Boylston Street buildings seen from the banks of the Charles River in Boston A spool of cable on a crane

Water, water, everywhere...

Still water in Boston's Charles River A spouting fountain in the Charles River in Boston Along the banks of the River Charles in Boston Massachusetts A view of the Charles River in Boston

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