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Boston Buildings



Internation Place Towers in Boston One and Two International Place.
125 Summer Street in Boston, MA></A></TD>
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                      <TD width=110 align=Prudential Tower and 111 Huntington Ave in Boston The Prudential tower and the new tower at 111 Huntington Ave.
The Prudential Tower in Boston is also called The Pru The Prudential tower.
111 Huntington Ave in Boston Massachusetts 111 Huntington Ave
The top of the tower at 111 Huntington Ave in Boston, Mass The top of 111 Huntington Ave.
The Hancock Tower in Boston Massachusetts The Hancock Tower is no longer a Plywood Palace
Boson Massachusetts Hancock tower The Hancock Tower


Science Church

The Christian Science mother church in Boston Massachusetts Boston is the home base for the Christian Science Church. Here we see the original church in front of the new church.
Christian Science reflecting pool at work in Boston There is a reflection pond at the Christian Science Church facility. It does a great job reflecting the church.
Christian Science complex in Boston MA Another building at the Christian Science Church campus.
The Christian Science facility in Boston Mass At one end of the Christian Scientist Church reflecting pool is a fountain. This did not exist when I graduated from Northeastern University, just a block away on Huntington Ave.
The Christian Science mother church in Boston The Christian Science churches seen through the spray of a fountain.



Trinity Church ib Boston Copley Square The Trinity Church in Copley Square.
The new courthouse building on Boston Harbor The new courthouse was built with a waterfront view.
Boston Fire Department engine 33 on Boylston St Engine 33 resides in the firehouse on Boylston Street at the corner of Hereford Street.
Horicultural Hall in Boston A piece of Horticultural Hall

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