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Photos of Boston from the top of the Prudential building

The Pru tower in Boston

Looking down on Boston from one of the two insurance company's skyscraper home bases provides an overall view of what Boston , the city, looks like. It also allows a visitor to the city to gain access to sights that would, for one reason or another, be unaccessible.

Looking east to Charlestown and other cities and across the Charles River onto the MIT campus. Looking west we see the twisting Massachusetts Turnpike
The view from the Prudential Tower in Boston looking northeast toward the ocean looking west over the Mass Pike from the Prudential Tower in Boston

The season is over for the Red Sox (wait 'til next year!) but I'm able to peer inside Fenway Park. I also got a shot of the imfamous Citgo sign, a landmark all it's own. The last shot was taken on the ground outside of the main entrance to the park.
Looking down From the Prudential Tower onto Boston Red Sox home base at Fenway Park The famous Citgo sign that's visable from Fenway Park in Boston Outside of Fenway Park home of the Boston Red Sox

A couple shots of Boston's tallest tower, the new Hancock Insurance Company building.
the Hancock tower and Boston seen from the Prudential Tower The Hancock Tower in Boston was once known as the plywood palace

There's lots to see on and near the Charles River. Here we see the Hatch Shell, the campus of MIT in Cambridge activities on the river.
The Hatch Shell in Boston where the 4th of July celebration takes place MIT in Cambridge seen from across the Charles River The Charles River seen from the top of the Pru Tower Longfellow Bridge seen from the Observation Deck of the Prudential Tower in Boston

The top of the Pru tower in Boston Massachusetts

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