Steamtown at Scranton, Pennsylvania in 2006

Steamtown National Historic Site

The Steamtown National Historic Site, under the operation of the National Park Service was established on October 30, 1986 to further public understanding and appreciation of the role steam railroading played in the development of the United States. Steamtown is located at the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad Scranton rail yard.

Financial problems came upon Steamtown USA in the early 1970's. Efforts to stabilize the Steamtown monetary situation were not successful and in 1980 Scranton, Pennsylvania was chosen to be the new home for Steamtown. The Scranton location was prepped for for it's new residents and in 1984 Steamtown USA in Bellows Falls, Vermont began it's move to Scranton, PA The revenue hopped for at it's new location in Scranton did not occur and in 1986 Steamtown was on the verge of bankruptcy. On October 30,1986 the Steamtown National Historic Site was officially created. The location and equipment got clean up and on July 1, 1988 the park officially opened. Since that date the National Park Service has worked to make Steamtown NHS a better facility by repairing, rebuilding the facility and equipment. It has also built a new Visitor Center and displays.

The photos on this page were taken in August 2006. In 1978 I visited Steamtown in Bellows Falls, Vermont. I have a page of photos from that trip. A few of the locomotives I photographed in both Vermont and Pennsylvania: Reading 2124, Grand Trunk Western 6038, UP Big Boy 4012. I also shot the CNJ Bucyrus crane in Vermont and Pennsylvania.


Reading Company 2124
Reading 2124

Bullard Company 0-4-0T locomotive
Bullard Company 2
Illinois Central 790  2-8-0 steam loco
Illinois Central 790

E.J. Lavino saddle tank locomotive
E.J. Lavino & Co. 3

Grand Trunk Western 6039
Grand Trunk Western 6039
New Haven Trap Rock 43
Rahway Valley 2-8-0 number 15
Rahway Valley 15
Maine Central 501
Maine Central 519
Bucyrus-Erie crane
Bucyrus crane

Union Pacific Big Boy 4012
UP "Big Boy" 4012

Union Pacific  Big Boy tender
UP "Big Boy" 7 axle tender
Lackawanna caboose at Steamtown
Lackawanna Caboose 889
NKP 514 on the turntable at Steamtown
Nickle Plate 514 on the Turntable
behind the shops at Steamtown
Behind the Shops
A rotary snowplow on display at Steamtown
Rotary Snow Plow
Lackawanna 428 switcher
Lackawanna 428
Lackawanna ALCO switcher No. 4118
Lackawanna 4118
Inside the Steamtown roundhouse
Inside the Roundhouse

Inside the Steamtown locomotive shop
Inside the Shops

A panoramic photo of the Steamtown roundhouse and turntable

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