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Rolling Stock

Photographs of assorted railroad rolling stock; boxcars, hoppers, flatcars, caboose and such. Pictures of railroad equipment catagorized as rolling stock. Rolling stock are the tools of shipping comodities on freight railrods.

Ashley Drew and Northern boxcar

Ashley Drew & Northern is painted on this boxcar but it's identification is SBD (Seaboard System Railroad)

Angelina and Neches River boxcar

Angelina & Neches River Railroad boxcar at the P&W yard in Worcester

Bangor and Aroostook boxcar

Bangor and Aroostook State of Maine boxcar at the Conway Scenic Railroad in Conway, NH

Bay Line boxcar

The Bay Line boxcar at Cambridge, MA

Burlington boxcar

Burlington double door boxcar at Cambridge, MA

CP Rail boxcar

CP Rail boxcar at Cambridge, MA

Conrail hopper

Conrail hopper 491995 at the Providence&Worcester yard in Worcester, MA

EJE boxcar

Elgin Joliet & Eastern boxcar at the Providence & Worcester RR yard in Worcester, Mass

DODX depressed center flatcar

Department of Defense depressed center flatcar with an unidentified load at Barbers Crossing in Worcester

DODX flatcar 3 axle truck

3 axle truck on the DODX 39831 depressed center flatcar

DODX caboose

DODX 901 caboose at Barbers Crossing in Worcester, MA

Green Bay and Western boxcars

A pair of Green Bay and Western boxcars north of Barbers Crossing in Worcester, MA

MDW boxcar

Minnesota, Dakota & Western Railway boxcar at Cambridge, MA

MOPAC covered hopper

MOPAC covered hopper at Larado, Texas

N de M boxcar

Mexican National Railroad boxcar at Larado Texas

Natchez Trace RR boxcar

Natchez Trace Railroad boxcar at Fullerton, CA

POTB boxcar

Port of Tillamook Bay boxcar

Norton boxcar

A lonely Norton Abrasives boxcar sits waiting in Worcester, MA

Norton hoppers

A pair of Norton Abrasives hoppers sit on the rails at the factories in Worcester, Mass

RailBox boxcar

Railbox boxcar at Barbers Crossing in Worcester, MA

Southern boxcar

Southern double door boxcar, number 582281

TMR boxcar

Texas Mexican Railway in Larado, Texas

WRWK boxcar

Warwick Railway boxcar at the P&W Worcester yard


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