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Things you don't see on or off the rails very often

A variety of not so common railroad sights.

Photographs with a railroad theme but not neccessarily pictures of trains. Some of these pictures don't fall into any of the catagories of photo albums I've created. Others, a Jeep with flanged wheels or a door with "Painted 9-85", defy catagorizaton but are true railroad photos.
a jeep with flanged wheels

A retired Army jeep with flanged wheels for riding on the rails. This was shot at the Hobo Railroad in Lincoln, NH at a NARCOA event

a rack of wheels and axles

Wheelsets waiting to be put in service


Southern Pacific boat BERKELEY in San Diego, CA

pieces of a signal bridge

A piece of a signal bridge waiting to be put up in Yorba Linda, CA

MBTA snow plow

An MBTA snow plow sits idle on the Green line "E" route in front of Northeastern University on Huntington Ave in Boston.

An MBTA Green Line PCC in the snow No stops

An MBTA Green Line PCC sits idle in the snow on Huntington Ave. The board indicates "No Stops" but it appears to have reached "Snow Stops"

B&M snow plow

A Boston & Maine snow plow at the yard at Nashua, NH

I want to be an engineer

I want to be an engineer when I grow up!

Wipe Your Feet!

A door at the BNSF facility in Havre, Montana

work safely

A sign on a SantaFe locomotive

no injuries

A sign on a SantaFe locomotive

painted 9-85

Roanoke, VA
Painted 9-85

polished rails

Highly polished rail in Yorba Linda, CA

Brill streetcar

A streetcar built by Brill waiting to be restored at the Orange Empire Railway Museum

UP 6915

UP Centennial 6915, a DD35, in Pomona, CA


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