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New England railroad photos

Photographs of railroad equipment seen in New England, primarily Massachusetts and New Hampshire. The photos in New Hampshire were shot in the early 1990s.
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B&M plow

Boston and Maine plow 3739? in the Nashua, NH yard

B&M 806

Boston and Maine switcher 806, an EMD SW-8, in Cambridge

B&M 1122

B & M switcher 1122 an EMD SW-1 at South Station in Boston

B&M caboose

B&M caboose 410 in the Nashua NH yard

B&M milk car

A B&M milk car in the yard in Nashua, NH

B&M milk car

A second milk car in the Nashua, NH yard

B&M fuel tank

B&M fuel tank in Cambridge, MA

Guilford 363

Guilford Boston and Maine 363, a EMD GP-40 perhaps, in Nashua NH

Guilford 328

Guilford Boston & Maine 328, a GP40, in Nashua, NH

Guilford 360

Guilford Boston & Maine 360, a GP39, in Nashua, NH

Guilford 603

Guilford Maine Central 603, an SD40, at Barber's Crossing in Worcester, MA
Guilford did a wonderful job painting this engine with watercolor paints.

Guilford 67

Guilford Springfield Terminal 67, a GP-9 maybe, in the Nashua, NH yard

Hobo RR 1186

Hobo Railroad 1186, an ALCO S-1, in Lincoln, NH. This locomotive is still in use.

Hobo RR 1186

The ALCO builder's plate on the Hobo RR 1186 S-1

NES 901

New England Southern 503, a GP18, in New Hampshire

NES 302

New England Southern 302, an EMD GP-7, in New Hampshire

M&B 901

Milford and Bennington 901, an EMD switcher in Wilton, NH

M&B 901

Milford & Bennington 901, SW-900?, photographed in Wilton, NH

cars in the Nashua yard

A blue B&M and a white Guilford boxcar in the Nashua, NH yard

Guilford boxcar

B&M Guilford boxcar in Nashua, NH

Grafton and Upton

The Grafton and Upton enginehouse in Upton, MA

BAR boxcar 2573

Bangor and Aroostook State of Maine boxcar at the Conway Scenic Railroad in New Hampshire

B&M 4266

Boston and Maine 4266, an EMD F-7 A, is still being used at the Conway Scenic Railroad in New Hampshire

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