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Commuter rail

Photographs of commuter trains in Boston, Los Angeles and Poughkeepsie, NY.
The Chief Conductor

A plaque on an MBTA locomotive circa 1979
James A. McGrath The "Chief" Conductor

MBTA 1134 in Boston

MBTA 1134 at Boston South Station

MBTA 1529 in Boston

MBTA 1529 at Boston South Station

Metra 2016

Metra 2016 in New Haven paint, Poughkeepsie NY

Metra 2202

Metra 2002 in Poughkeepsie NY

Metrolink 872 at LAX

MetroLink 872 at LAX

Metrolink 872 at LAX

MetroLink 872 at LAX

MBTA RDCs in Cambridge

Three MBTA RailDieselCar train that departed Boston's North Station seen in Cambridge Mass

MBTA GP40 1130

MBTA 1130, a GP40, in Worcester, MA

MBTA at South Station

A pair of MBTA bi-level coaches at South Station

MBTA 1314

MBTA 1314 at a platform at North Station in the 1980s

GO 226

GO 226 Bi-level coach on the end of a train at Toronto Union Station


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