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Railroad postcards

An assortment of railroad postcards.

VIA's LRC train
VIA's new LRC train
Vermont Railway snow plow
Vermont Railway winged wedge snow plow #20 in 1973
The Canadian
The Canadian near Mount Stephen, Field Hill, B.C.
CB&Q 9900
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy #9900 "Zephyr"
C&NW crunched
Chicago & NorthWestern GP35 #834 was in an accident
California Western railcar
California Western gasoline-powered railcar M300
CP Dominion
Canadian Pacific "Dominion" departs Portage La Prarie, Manitoba
EMD 2150hp engine
GM EMD built 2 of these 2150 HP engines for Nashville Bridge Co. in 1972.
Gold Coast RR speeder
Gold Coast Railroad #838 nicknamed "The Ugly Duckling" in Fort Lauderdale
Hiawatha observation car
Milwaukee Road's Hiawatha observation car
Rock Island E6B
Rock Island E6B #751 and #750 sometime in the 1960's
Seaboard 2028
Seaboard #2028 was a powered unit built in 1936

SOO center cupola caboose #224 in Stevens Point WI, 1970
Union Pacific #47 a 16 wheeled GE U50
Pennsylvania Station
Main Waiting Room, Pennsylvania Station, New York
North Station in Boston
North Station, Boston, Mass. 1911
ALCO Schenectady, NY
American Locomotive Co.,s Works. Schenectady, N.Y. 1911

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