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Amtrak postcards

Postcards of Amtrak trains. Some of these postcards were created by Amtrak and passed out to Amtrak passengers. Some of the postards featuring pictures of Amtrak equipment were printed up by non-Amtrak publishers.

Amtrak's first locomotive
Inherited from the Penn Central, when AMTRAK was created to assume national passenger train service, E8 #4316 is seen here at the Harrisburg Roundhouse, dressed in a quick application of decals before AMTRAK adopted a standard livery of its own.
Amtrak & Disneyworld
The pastel towers and turrets of Cinderella's Castle can be seen from almost any part of fabulous Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. A trip to the Magic Kingdom is one of Amtrak's most popular vacation packages.
All Aboard Amtrak
All Aboard Amtrak - The Amtrak Collection - Series I - #12 of 12
Amtrak's Auto-train
Amtrak's Auto Train, carrying both passengers and their autos, crosses Neabsco Creek after departing from Lorton, Va. en route to Sanford, Fla.
Coast Starlight
Amtrak's modern train, the Coast Starlight, operates between Seattle and Los Angeles, giving passengers a close-up view of some of the West Coast's most beautiful scenery.
Coast Starlight
Two locomotives and twelve cars make up Amtrak's southbound train No. 11 The Coast Starlight" as it rounds Southern Pacific's Horseshoe Curve, San Luis Obispo, Calf. Passengers enjoy the ride and scenery from the new Superliner cars recently placed in service, May 18, 1981.
Coast Starlight
Amtrak's Coast Starlight/Daylight, operating between Seattle and Los Angeles, is typically of the many fine intercity Amtrak passenger trains designed to provide safe, comfortable, fast service clear across America.
deluxe dining car
This deluxe dining car features the superb service and varied menus offered on many Amtrak passenger trains. Here, full-course meals are served on tables on tables with linen tablecloths and fresh flowers, at reasonable prices.
Empire Builder
Amtrak's Empire Builder explores the panoramic Columbia River Gorge.
Empire Builder
The Glacier National Park mountains tower above the Two Medicine River as Amtrak's Superliner, the Empire Builder travels toward the "Crown of the Continent."
Empire Builder
Amtrak's Empire Builder moves along just west of Browning, Montana. Near this area you'll see the legendary Triple Divide Peak. This mountain, 8,000 feet high, takes its name from the fact that its runoff eventually reaches three oceans-Atlantic,Pacific and Artic!
Panama Limited
Amtrak observation car #3342 took up the rear of the well-liked "Panama Ltd." Her classic fluted stainless steel sides and lighted tail-sign are sure signs of the streamliner era. 1976 view at Chicago, 1976
The Lake Shore Limited
Amtrak's eastbound train from Chicago departs the Hudson, N.Y. station for New York City. Today, June 5, 1988, former New York Central observation car Bonnie Brook was added to the train at Albany-Rensselaer for a charter excursion. Bonnie Brook sports the tail sign of the train that was its normal assignment, New England States, during its Central days.
Amtrak Amfleet car
Amtrak's Amfleet cars add a new dimension to train comfort and convenience. Innovative features include: Air cushioning for a safer, smoother ride, reclining seats with individual tray tables, and interior tracks for maximum seating flexibility
Amtrak 822
Among the world's fastest trains, Amtrak's posh MetroLiners regularly topped 100mph, easily beating Pennsylvania RR's famed GG1-powered "Clockers" from New York City to Washington, CD. #822 as she looked in 1976
North East Corrider
Amtrak's shoreline between New York and Boston.
crossing the Potomac River
Amtrak crosses the Potomac River commanding views of the Nation's Capital.
Amtrak Amfleet trains let you relax in wide, reclining seats while you enjoy the changing vistas of America at "See Level."
California Zephyr
As the Amtrak California Zephyr nears the 7,103-foot summit of the Sierra Nevada route, you'll see Donner Lake set amidst Ponderosa pines and soaring mountains. This route, one of Amtrak's most scenic, was the most difficult to navigate of the entire U.S. transcontinental railroad project due to terrain.
Southwest Chief
Amtrak's Southwest Chief Superliner banking into double Horseshoe Curve in Blanchard, N.M.
Amtrak's America
The great Southwest, part of Amtrak's America, includes some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. See it all through our large picture windows from your comfortable, reclining seat. Or over drinks from the lounge car. It's a wonderful way to travel!.
Amtrak Turbo-Train
America's national railway passenger system experimented with specially designed high-speed passenger trains going all the way back to its earliest years. #50, an eye-catching example of a turbo-engined train, paused in August of 1971 for admiring townsfolk at Billings, MT, was built by United Aircraft
Amtrak Turbo-Liner
Another of Amtrak's high-speed train experiments was this French ANF design #63, paused for maintenance at Chicago. These units were quite successful, and after rebuilding, operated for many years in New York State.
Amtrak SDP40F
To take over the duties of their inherited and aging E-units, AMTRAK had EMD design this 3,000 hp SDP40F for special passenger duty. #524 is one of the earliest of these units, still showing the painted prow which disappeared on later units.
San Diegan
SAN DIEGAN * Amtrak's morning train from Santa Barbara, Calf., is seen there in December 1991, prior to departure to San Diego. Locomotive 509 is one of twenty new General Electric Dash 8-32BWH based in Los Angeles and will see service on long distance trains such as The Sunset Limited.
Sunset Limited
The famous Sunset Limited approaches Benson, Arizona approximately 47 miles east of Tuscon, with nine cars including new Superliner coaches and sleepers, en route to its eastern terminus. Three times a week Amtrak (National Railroad Passenger Corporation) runs the Sunset across the vast, often barren up-and-down stretches of desert scenery, between Los Angeles, California and New Orleans, Louisiana. ... In this view, twin 3000 horsepower General Electric diesel locomotives, lead by No. 705 (P30CH), are more than a match as they accelerate train No. 2 in preparation for the rugged terrain between Benson and Lordsburg. Constructed in 1975, these A-A unit high-performance locomotives provide power plus speed.
Los Angeles station
Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal Waiting Room. One of the most beautiful stations in the world, completed in 1939, it is now operated by Amtrak, with trains connecting to all points in continental U.S.A.


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