A collection of photos taken in Boston and New England

I present for your viewing a small collection of photos taken in Boston, Worcester, Framingham, and Berlin Massachusetts using a Canon G2 digital camera.
A photo album of tall buildings in Boston There are lots of large and photogenic buildings in Boston, both new and not-so-new. Here's some of the buildings I thought made a good subject. 19 photos
A photo album of Boston's Big Dig Boston's "Central Artery" has been an elevated highway for close to half a century. It has become a congested, deteriorating highway as well as an eyesore. A plan to move the Artery underground was started in 1982. Construction began in 1991. The scheduled completion date was December 2004. The last section of the project was opened in the summer of 2005. It has been plagued with leaking water since being opened to traffic. You can learn and see more at the Big Dig web site. 7 photos
A photo album of Boston photos Boston has "brownstones" along Commonwealth Ave, subways and an international airport with an almost completed a facelift. Any collection of Boston photographs must include those taken along the banks of the Charles River. See for yourself. 13 photos
A photo album of assorted pictures, all taken in New England This is a conglomeration of photos that I've taken outside of Boston. Some of these photos are of real places and subjects while others have been created to represent real life scenes. The trait they share is that they were all found outside of Boston. 7 photos

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All photos copyright 2002, 2003 John Simakauskas